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“You must do the thing you think you cannot do.”—Eleanor Roosevelt



The secrets of Effective Communication

This talk is dedicated to anyone of us who wants to find more confidence when faced with anger, but traditionally has been tempted to either withdraw, back away or defend themselves. One of the main reasons that we tend to be avoid conflict is that few of us know have been taught the strategic tools to address it effectively. This talk is dedicated to anyone who has ever been shy or afraid of conflict.


The Five Essential Communication Skills

These Five Essential Communication Tools come from the latest Stanford research (David Burns, Author of Feeling Good Together, Advance Applications of CBT and founder of TEAM Therapy) and provide a “roadmap” to practice which will allow you to learn how to be highly effective in difficult conversations. This approach can help each of us in our most difficult and challenging relationships or friendships or working as therapists, teachers or leaders in business, to find a natural ease when facing anger, ultimately being successful in ways we previously thought impossible.

TEAM therapy states that the core problem in the treatment of relationship problems is the connection between blame, denial and power. As long as we continue to blame the other person and deny our own part in creating or maintaining the problem, we remain powerless in creating positive change in the relationship.
~ Maor Katz, MD. Feeling Good Institute


Forgiveness Workshop

Recognize the Universality of Suffering: 10 Steps to Forgiveness and the Art of Releasing the Past

Forgiveness is not an occasional act – it is a permanent attitude.
~Martin Luther King

What would it take to not feel angry and disappointed anymore?
How can I break free from defensive patterns that no longer serve me?
How can I not be the effect of other people’s emotions, particularly anger and disappointment?
How can I overcome perfectionism that so often leads to addictive behaviors?
If I didn’t care so much if people liked me, would I make different choices?


Be the Person You Are Looking For

Come to terms with the obstacles that repeatedly keep you from getting what you want and need in relationships.

  • Learn how to cultivate unconditional love and positive regard for yourself and others.
  • Learn how to sustain cherish and provide loving-kindness for yourself and others.
  • Be the love that you want to find and are looking for in this world.
  • Remember, you are an essential ingredient to life.


Teaching Workshops

Onsite Inservices and Training for Business Leaders,
Social Workers, Psychiatrists and Teachers

I can provide continuing education and certification (CEUS) on a wider range of topics including addressing anxiety, depression, fear of anger and conflict, writers block and procrastination, test anxiety, habit and addictions, applications of CBT, Narrative and Expressive Arts Therapy and psychodrama.

I have been a guest speaker at conferences and taught both internationally and at local Universities including at UC Berkeley, JFK and Sonoma State University.


Creating Empathy Circles

Children’s Leadership and Parenting Stewardship Programs

  • Help kids overcome anxiety, fear of rejection, fear of conflict, and fear of failure.
  • Build a safe context for children to learn how to handle anxiety, while feeling happy and appreciated.
  • Help children to overcome negativity, depression, anxiety, perfectionism and performance issues in school.
  • Help children to find acceptance: parents’ divorce and separation, sadness and anger, losses within the family.


Recent key notes

Mexico City – Couples and Sexuality Conference April 2016
Hong Kong – Overcoming Fear of Conflict August 2016
Marin County – Couples New Years Convention – Dating out of your League  January 2017
Bolivia – University of Santa Cruz – Strategic Family Therapy and Successfully Overcoming Fear of Conflict – November 2017


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