Drama therapy workshop

Training Group For Educators, Business Leaders, Therapists and Coaches


A workshop using drama therapy to grow your private practice


Benefits of Drama Therapy – Enjoy a phenomenal Life

Improving one’s capacity to change beliefs about oneself

Allow clients to:

  • Take greater risks, and be more vulnerable often without even realizing it
  • Build empathy, more trust and tolerance for self and others by taking on different roles
  • Promote catharsis and change using therapist as the safe and receptive mirror
  •  Break free from habituated ways of being and be more authentic
  •  Access more creativity and spontaneity, learn how to be more authentic, improving the quality of the session and their relationship overall
  •  Take on the role of protagonist and become a hero, affecting change in their own life rather than projecting the role of hero onto others and creating a dull and over distanced life
  •  Adopt a broader role repertoire when interacting with emotional material and ultimately in the outside world
  •  Build greater trust in self and repair relationships (falling into a state of grace with self)
  •  Metabolize grief and resolve “unfinished business” so that they may be more available to live in the awareness of the present
  •  Strengthen observing ego so that the client can own and eventually release the story and repeated defensive patterns