Action Methods

Empathy Spoken Here.

Working as a Licensed Marriage and Family and Child psychotherapist for over 30 years,
I have helped hundreds of couples and individuals get through overwhelming challenges.
I’m a Drama Therapist practicing in San Rafael and San Francisco California. I am here for you.

Reclaiming Power and Resilience While Addressing All Types of Relationship Problems, Anxiety and Unyielding Grief, Fatigue and Sorrow

What actually are Action Methods?

As children we know we relied on play to cope with pain and aspects of our lives outside of our control.
No matter what are losses, named and unnamed, we cultivated more resilience through play.
Empathy Tools such as Role-reversal.
Inviting the body invite positive change that creates more ease and joy in your world.


I am here for you.


I see the best in you.

Ilene Wolf is a licensed
marriage and family therapist (MFT).

Offices conveniently located in
San Francisco Bay Area and Marin

“When looking for the right help right away….”

“For many years I have known of Ilene as a fixture and leader in the Marin Therapist Community. Recently I have had a chance to consult with her- I am amazed how fast she can get to the root of a problem, faster than almost any therapist I have seen! Ilene… has the courage to honor and tackle complex issues and handle them directly – with huge compassion. She combines the absolute essential attributes of a highly skilled therapist: empathy, expert clinical knowledge, and creativity. She really knows her stuff which inspires immense confidence in her clients to change and grow.”
– Richard E.

“Made a critical difference in my life…”

“I have tried several therapists. Ilene’s sessions made a critical difference in my life. Ilene cares deeply and helped me build trust back into my relationships. Ilene has helped my family beyond the regular measures. I recommend Ilene Wolf, MFT, RDT/BCT, I know she can help where most others fail.”
– R.A.

“Deep, kind, smart and fun …”

“Deep, kind, smart and fun, Ilene is a great therapist to turn to when life becomes challenging, complicated or when you need someone to help you navigate life’s inevitable changes or demands that you grow as a person. If you’re struggling in your relationships or depression and anxiety are making life way to difficult, Ilene can be a great ally in your journey to a better life.”
– Dave T.