Authentic Relationship

Resilience Spoken Here | Safe. Confidential. Professional.

Authentic Relationship

Resilience Spoken Here | Safe. Confidential. Professional.

Invitation to join our in-person Authentic Relationship Group, August 2024

3-Week Group for Women & Men – 2-hour sessions facilitated by a relationship specialist Ilene Wolf, LMFT

Authentic Relationship Principle

We want to be happier, but how do we accomplish this?

Authentic relationship with others starts with cultivating authentic relationship with oneself – accepting oneself and honoring our worth, our needs and how we want to be in the world.

“Daring to set boundaries is about having the courage to love ourselves even when we risk disappointing others” ~ Brené Brown

Aligning with and trusting our heart, spirit, drive and dreams is a process of both discovery and letting go. Authentic Relationship Group provides a clear map and how-to practical skills to confidently engage in this process.


Authentic Relationship Group is facilitated by therapist Ilene Wolf, LMFT, a relationship specialist of 30 years, and a winner of the California Educators Award for Psychotherapists (2012)

This is a series of 3 two-hour group sessions

Commitment to all 3 sessions is encouraged, so that you benefit from the support of the group.

COST for 3-part series:
Early Bird: $185 by July 15th
Regular: $225

Please use the contact form to reserve your space.

San Francisco3 Saturdays in August 2024
(details provided upon signing up)

A preliminary phone interview call with the therapist insures this group is right for your goals.

Authentic Relationship Group

A Path to Confidence, Strength and Resolve
This group provides specific tools for HOW TO:

Discover Unconditional Happiness
Find delight in the everyday moments
Cultivate self-acceptance
Find a sense of direction
Have more fun

Owning Your Loving Compassionate Self
Learning how to let go of resentment
Honor your basic courage
Getting beyond blame
Undermine shame

Learn Communication Tools for Happier Relationships
Learning how to more easily get your needs met
Recognize dynamic security when loving
Find forgiveness when things go awry

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What People Are Saying…

I recently had the pleasure of experiencing a workshop with Ilene Wolf and she is a strong, bright and clear teacher and therapist who creates a lot of depth, safety, and connection in a very short period of time. Everyone in our group opened up, connected easily and experienced a great sense of joy in Ilene’s presence through her skilled facilitation. I highly recommend working with her. – Lorraine Platt, LMFT

Spend just a minute with Ilene, and you’ll be able to sense her genuine compassion. She really does care, and it feels great to be on the receiving end of that. If you want someone who gives it her all, who’s a true champion for her clients, you’ve got to meet her. – A. K.

Deep, kind, smart and fun, Ilene is a great therapist to turn to when life becomes challenging, complicated or when you need someone to help you navigate life’s inevitable changes or demands that you grow as a person. If you’re struggling in your relationships, or depression and anxiety are making life way too difficult, Ilene can be a great ally in your journey to a better life. – D. T.

The Group Facilitator: Ilene Wolf, LMFT | Contact: 415.420.3619