Single Hour and Ongoing Consultation for Therapists


Empowering Therapists to Effectively Address Difficult Problems
and Challenging Circumstances that Emerge in the Clinical Hour


Increasing Connection between You and Your Client
Powerful Tools for Attracting Clients with High Motivation
Exactly what to do when Clients Relapse
Being at Ease with Your Professional Persona
Finding More Income Streams to Build a Successful Full Time Practice


From a Therapist Sheltering in Place during Covid-19

“Hardship lives in each one of us, and yet we are sturdy and resilient in ways we might not have imagined, recognized or acknowledged nearly enough. This can be a time of Self- Reflection about what to do, as a therapist, with this precious life…” READ MORE

I am here for you.


I see the best in you.

Ilene Wolf, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist for 30 years

Offices conveniently located in
San Francisco Bay Area and Marin

“Ilene is the therapist’s therapist…”

“Ilene Wolff is an exceptional therapist–the therapists’ therapist. Insightful, talented and quick. I attend a class she runs exclusively for therapists, called “Drama Therapy for Therapists.” I’ve never seen anyone so quickly identify the source of a problem and then instantly move toward the path to healing. The class is constantly in motion as we act out the drama that drives our inner drama, in what transforms into a drama-therapy-training-ground. An amazing, insightful experience, it translates well to my own clientele.”
– P.M.

“A leader in the Marin Therapist Community…”

“For many years I have known of Ilene as a fixture and leader in the Marin Therapist Community. Recently I have had a chance to consult with her- I am amazed how fast she can get to the root of a problem, faster than almost any therapist I have seen!

Ilene has the courage to honor and tackle complex issues and handle them directly – with huge compassion. She combines the absolute essential attributes of a highly skilled therapist: empathy, expert clinical knowledge, and creativity. She really knows her stuff which inspires immense confidence in her clients to change and grow.”
– R.E.

“A True Champion for Her Clients…”

Spend just a minute with Ilene, and you’ll be able to sense her genuine compassion. She really does care, and it feels great to be on the receiving end of that. If you want someone who gives it her all, who’s a true champion for her clients, you’ve got to meet her. I highly recommend Ilene.
– Andrew K.