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Above all – do not give up on yourself.

Habits and Addiction

“The most important thing in changing human behavior is the person’s motivation.” – Milton Erickson

Are you sabotaging happiness and putting it off for another day in the future? I rely on evidence-based cognitive therapy (CBT), solution-focused therapy, mindfulness approaches and Hypnosis to show you ways you might overcome addiction and self-defeating behaviors.

Addiction is fueled by anxiety – which is the fear of failure, fear of rejection and the fear of conflict… but just generally making yourself wrong in a myriad of different ways.

Do you rely on alcohol or substances to get through the day?

Do you feel stuck, do you procrastinate and get overwhelmed by perfectionism, anxiety and negative, discouraging thoughts?

Do you sometimes lack confidence when it comes to school work, test taking, speaking up in class or writing projects?

Do you avoid looking for a job which could definitely make a positive difference in your life, career and income?

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Ilene Wolf, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists,  MFT


I can show you how to turn this around,
when you decide to take a chance on yourself.


I am here for you.


I see the best in you.

Ilene Wolf is a licensed
marriage and family therapist (MFT).

Offices conveniently located in
San Francisco Bay Area and Marin

“Empowers, guides and supports her clients…”

“Ilene Wolf, MFT, RDT/BCT embodies all the qualities of a great therapist: compassion, excellent communication skills, and a unique ability to empower, guide and support her clients in discovering more peace, ease and freedom in their lives.”
– KO, somatic counselor, businessman

“Compassion and empathy…”

“Ilene is not only a skilled and seasoned therapist, but also has a huge capacity for compassion and empathy. I have been impressed with Ilene’s capacity to grasp the essential questions and essence of her clients’ needs in her unique style of therapy.”
– MG, school counselor and psychotherapist

“Down to earth and clear…”

“Ilene is probably the most natural genuine therapist I have ever met. She is down to earth and clear. She would not miss what cannot be missed -that obvious truth that can easily be missed by so many others. Her clarity reflects the truth within the person, who needs help right away.”
– MK, chiropractor and nutritionist

“Made a critical difference in my life…”

“I have tried several therapists. Ilene’s sessions made a critical difference in my life. Ilene cares deeply and helped me build trust back into my relationships.
Ilene has helped my family beyond the regular measures. I recommend Ilene Wolf, MFT, RDT, I know she can help where most others fail.”
– R.A.