recoveryEvery moment of our life is relationship.
~ Charlotte Joko Beck

Recovery from addiction

How Do you Get Around to possibly doing the one thing that scares you, the thing that first might seem daunting, like giving up something for positive change, what if you are not sure whether you are even ready or even if you want to? Therapy comes with an Empathy Toolkit.

What is a simple thing you can do that would bring the possibility of more joy in your life, and your goal closer to make your life sing?

Ever notice we get hooked on our negative thoughts?

Effective CBT Therapy can show you a way out, so you can be happy and live a meaningful life again. Effective Therapy addresses fear of conflict, ambivalent feelings and sometimes even lack of motivation.

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I am here for you to witness your inner strengths and to be a positive force in your life.

Did you know the percentage of people who have relapses or revisit a negative reoccurring thought and behavior can be 100%? *

I see the best in you. You can call me.

*According to David Burns, M.D. ( The Feeling Good Handbook) we can suffer a relapse when we re-experience anxiety or depression for two minutes or more.

Relapse can also be defined as a re-occuring struggle with alcohol or substance abuse, or even process addictions (for example, lying to oneself and others, fault-finding and blame, overeating, over-spending, shopping, stealing, video games, gambling, excessive hand-washing, internet, porn).