The Art of Forgiveness

A Series of 3 Workshops for Women

Resilience Spoken Here | Safe. Confidential. Professional.

The Art of Forgiveness

A Series of 3 Workshops for Women

Resilience Spoken Here | Safe. Confidential. Professional.

Invitation to Join our In-Person 3-Part Forgiveness Workshop for Women, April-May 2024

Finding Forgiveness:

The Exceptional Ability to Forgive Yourself and Others
Essence of Love and Allowance

A safe space where you can work through feelings of loss, hurt and grief, whether it be recent, or from long time ago.

The purpose of this group is to provide a safe and compassionate space to share, connect, and learn from others. Group members will allow you a chance to share experiences, explore feelings and move beyond hurt.

Sometimes we feel lost in the face of loss, and struggle to find our way to ease and more self-love. It is not weird that it might feel risky to be less isolated, to celebrate and repair your relationship, especially with your younger self. These are the gifts of forgiveness.

Tools like Empathy Tool Kit, The Five Secrets, Loving Kindness Meditation and insight provided by the supportive therapist of over 30 years, Ilene Wolf, MFT

This is a series of 3 two-hour workshops.

Commitment to all 3 workshops is encouraged, so that you benefit from the support of the group.

Cost for the 3 part series is $145.

Please use the contact form to reserve your space.

Two Convenient Locations Available:
San Francisco – 3 Saturday mornings
Fairfax – 3 Friday evenings
(details provided upon signing up)

A preliminary phone interview call with the therapist (the cost is $75.) insures this group is right for your goals.

Anger is a result of judging thoughts we tell ourselves.
~ Marshall Rosenberg, Nonviolent Communication

Gathering in the spirit of Kintsugi Practice:
Respecting the Beautiful in What is Broken
& Honoring What Serves us and is Still Useful

In the Japanese tradition of Kintsugi, there lies a profound reverence for the beauty found within imperfection, where broken objects are repaired using golden lacquer.

Through restoration, cherished pieces are returned to us, their altered state bearing witness to the delicate care and affection infused into their golden seams, rendering them even more precious.

This poignant metaphor of Kintsugi serves as a reflection of our personal journey and the metamorphosis experienced throughout our process of healing and recovery. The fractured pottery becomes emblematic of our own vulnerabilities, encapsulating the fragments of our hearts and spirits in the aftermath of trauma.

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What Others Say…

Nothing short of amazing

“I recently had the pleasure of experiencing a workshop with Ilene Wolf and she is a strong, bright and clear teacher and therapist who creates a lot of depth, safety, and connection in a very short period of time. Everyone in our group opened up, connected easily and experienced a great sense of joy in Ilene’s presence through her skilled facilitation. I highly recommend working with her.” – Lorraine Platt, LMFT

Insightful, talented and quick

“Ilene Wolf is insightful, talented and quick. I attended a class she runs exclusively for therapists, called “Getting to The Heart of the Matter.” I’ve never seen anyone so quickly identify the source of a problem and instantly understand the path to healing. This workshop allows you to bring to life your inner drama and rewrite your life’s “script,” with the support of the group. You’ll bring to life relationships, recruit allies and heal age-old problems while retrieving the most loving and healthy parts of yourself. This is absolutely one of the most rewarding and effective therapy classes I have ever attended – and it’s fun. I highly recommend it!” – Primo L., CHT, MH

A great ally in your journey to a better life

“Deep, kind, smart and fun, Ilene is a great therapist to turn to when life becomes challenging, complicated or when you need someone to help you navigate life’s inevitable changes or demands that you grow as a person. If you’re struggling in your relationships, or depression and anxiety are making life way too difficult, Ilene can be a great ally in your journey to a better life.” – Dave T.

Workshop Facilitator: Ilene Wolf, MFT | Contact: 415.420.3619 | Sponsors: Wild Wolf Therapy Productions