Brief Solution-Focused Clinical Hypnotherapy
can successfully show you how to be consistent when:

  • Creating more confidence and a Positive First Impression
  • Cultivating a Lasting Love Relationship, Marriage
  • Letting Go and Learning how to relax more and enjoy life more in the moment
  • Focused Success at work and Job Performance
  • Letting go and overcoming Insomnia or Nightmares
  • Dissolving Negative Body Image and Losing or Gaining Weight


Making Sense of Grief:

  • Honoring the intensity and Resolving Past Hurt while Building Trust
  • Grief, Loss, Divorce and Breakup

You can experience more hope and ease even when people close to you might not realize the significance of the loss.

Relationship Problems- Building More Confidence while:

  • Overcoming Loneliness, Despair
  • Being able to flirt and be more attractive when dating despite shyness and being introverted in all Friendships and Relationship matters.

Fear of being oneself, and feeling pressured to please everyone else, but yourself

  • Avoidance and Resentment of Men or Women – due to past abuse

 Releasing Fears and Anxiety:

  •  Dental, Doctor Visits or procedures
  • Driving on the Highway and Crossing Bridges   
  • Fear of contamination or germs
  • Overcoming Chronic Physical Pain
Children and Teen Hypnosis for Anxiety and Depression
  • Performing Well with Test Anxiety
  • Fears of eating in public
  • Fear of Insects, Dogs

“I will get around to it tomorrow,” 

What will your precious life be like in 6 months? What is your ideal and almost perfect life?

Habits and Addictions – Building Motivation Easily to get you towards your goals when struggling with:

  • Primarily Procrastination and Perfectionism
  • Road Rage
  • Worry and Fears of all kinds  
  • Dependence On Cigarettes or Alcohol
  • Gambling, Overspending, or Stealing from your future
  • Overeating and Weight Gain

  • Obsessive/Compulsive Behavior (OCD) such as: Trichotillomania – hair pulling, skin picking
  • Excessive Hand Washing or Cleaning
  • Double-Checking locks and appliances switches; Tapping and Counting, Repeating Words

Relationship Problems:

  • Repeated Irritability, Anger and Blame

  • Inability to Sustain Relationships
  • Communication Problems: Nagging and lack of faith in others to follow through
  • Feeling Locked into a Victim Role

Highly Effective Clinical Hypnosis for Children to Alleviate Anxiety of All Kinds

Visit our Kids Page for more details.

You can overcome hopelessness and start improving your mood today.



Naturally you will feel more confident and relaxed;
facing and overcoming any momentary fear of rejection,
failure and conflict.


Guided Imagery, Mindfulness and Emotional Clearing • Inner Child Work • Working with Dreams • Ericksonian Methods • Action Techniques • Parts Work • Gestalt