Is Therapy Right For You?

Depression really separates us.

You might find you have lost interest in people, and places you once loved; things you once loved to do may seem uninteresting- even boring now.

When you struggle with depression- if you have recently ended a relationship or lost your job- know I am here for you. If you sometimes feel like an outsider at work or when you stop by a coffee shop, I can show you how to feel more connected to your life.

You can feel better. Please don’t give up on yourself.

Licensed 30 years, I’ve successfully worked with hundreds of people who struggle with day-to-day worries, with challenging relationships at work or home; and habits and addictions that no longer bring relief.

While everyone feels sadness from time to time, if you have been feeling down and hopeless for a good part of the day, please don’t isolate and try to tough it out. Early on in therapy you will begin to experience freedom from a barrage of negative thoughts.

If you decide to reach out, you can get to a place more that feels comfortable-with increased self-confidence-to feel more like yourself.

Grief does have physical, emotional, and mental symptoms.

When grieving, sadness can feel overwhelming. You might feel completely alone, disconnected from the friends and family you once felt close to, despite their efforts to help.

Confidential. Safe. Professional. I’m here for you:  via Tele Health Secure Zoom Sessions or In-Person therapy in the San Francisco Bay Area, as close as a phone call.

I really do know Life can be so hard. Please don’t let your whole life be defined by tragedy or loneliness. I provide a compassionate space for you. Together, working through the pain that brings you to therapy, can free you and allow you to truly enjoy and appreciate your life.

You can call me.
With the Benefits of Therapy, you will feel more motivated.
Most people find results right away.

Ilene Wolf, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists,  MFT

415 420 3619

You will find yourself increasingly more confident in all the challenges that life may bring you.
I am here for you.


I am here for you.


I see the best in you.

Ilene Wolf, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist for 30 years

Offices conveniently located in
San Francisco Bay Area and Marin

now available in Marin
and San Francisco

A great ally in your journey to a better life

Deep, kind, smart and fun, Ilene is a great therapist to turn to when life becomes challenging, complicated or when you need someone to help you navigate life’s inevitable changes or demands that you grow as a person. If you’re struggling in your relationships, or depression and anxiety are making life way too difficult, Ilene can be a great ally in your journey to a better life.” – Dave T.

A True Champion for Her Clients

“Spend just a minute with Ilene, and you’ll be able to sense her genuine compassion. She really does care, and it feels great to be on the receiving end of that. If you want someone who gives it her all, who’s a true champion for her clients, you’ve got to meet her. I highly recommend Ilene.”  – Andrew K

A Rockstar of a therapist

Ilene is a Rockstar of a therapist. Both my wife and I have seen her and we agree we have seen more progress on issues in the few meetings we had with her than with all the meetings we had with several other therapists. She quickly helps you see deeper layers of your issues and teaches you new tools to have better results. We have a three hour drive to see her and she is really worth the hassle of the drive.”  – Steve L.