Therapy for Kids and Families

Therapy can be beneficial for children and families by providing ways to improve communication and develop healthy conflict resolutions skills. 

n-person, solution focused family therapy

Family Therapy

In-person, solution focused family therapy to create a more enriching family experience for everyone.

marriage therapy in San Francisco bay area

Therapy for Children

Therapy for children can help children find release from negativity, depression, anxiety, procrastination and other behavioral and psychological problems.

therapy for dealing with infidelity in San Francisco area

Therapy for Teens

For over 30 years Ilene Wolf has been helping Bay Area teens thrive. Parenting a teen is challenging and specialized therapy for teens can help.

therapy for developing healthy intimate and sexual relationships

Healing and Trauma

After a scary event, children’s behavior might change, showing that they need help. Here are some ways you can help young children heal.

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Ilene Wolf, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist for 30 years

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“A leader in the Marin Therapist Community…”

“For many years I have known of Ilene as a fixture and leader in the Marin Therapist Community. Recently I have had a chance to consult with her- I am amazed how fast she can get to the root of a problem, faster than almost any therapist I have seen!
Ilene has the courage to honor and tackle complex issues and handle them directly – with huge compassion. She combines the absolute essential attributes of a highly skilled therapist: empathy, expert clinical knowledge, and creativity. She really knows her stuff which inspires immense confidence in her clients to change and grow.”
– R.E.

“A True Champion for Her Clients…”

Spend just a minute with Ilene, and you’ll be able to sense her genuine compassion. She really does care, and it feels great to be on the receiving end of that. If you want someone who gives it her all, who’s a true champion for her clients, you’ve got to meet her. I highly recommend Ilene.
– Andrew K.

“Monumental Changes”

Over the years, I have experienced monumental changes when I turned to Ilene.  She has helped me navigate extremely emotionally charged issues: through my divorce, my relocation, and ultimately a fabulous new marriage!  Thanks to Ilene‘s wise counsel, my closest family relationships remain intact- despite a serious conflict and crisis! Ilene is compassionate when it comes to the real issues and gently introduces solutions.  I know you will be in very good hands.– C.B. freelance writer

“Highly intelligent…”

“Ilene Wolf is highly intelligent, highly creative, energetic, and charismatic.”
– George Taylor, MFT, author of Talking with Our Brothers.