Therapy for Children

Allow yourself to get in touch with your love for your children

For over 30 years Ilene Wolf has been dedicated to helping Bay Area Children be happy and thrive. Ilene is married with two children.

Therapy for Children can help children find release from:

  • negativity
  • depression
  • anxiety
  • procrastination
  • perfectionism
  • performance issues in school
  • difficulty with transitions
  • defiant oppositional disorder

Help your children to find acceptance; work through parent divorce and separation, sadness and anger, losses within the family; and ultimately, to find a sense of belonging at home, school and with themselves.

Building Resiliency in our Children

Trauma and Play Therapy – Helping Children Heal

How to show our kids we love them every day.  How to motivate and support our kids, employing the latest Stanford Research and Effective Empathy Tools.

Learn to help children manage ongoing challenges and pressures in school, including peer pressure and sibling relationships.

Find a sense of direction and a reference point to navigate toward, when our kids are withdrawn or disrespectful.

Build an empathy circle: learn effective listening while conveying understanding of your child’s dilemma.

Help kids bounce back from stressful experiences. Help them overcome anxiety, fear of rejection, fear of conflict and failure.  Build a safe context for children to learn how to handle anxiety.

The result:

  • Kids who feel more relaxed and happy at school and at home, and are able to achieve academic goals.
  • Kids who can share their frustration yet feel free to  develop their creative dreams.
  • Kids who learn how to build a peer group, in which they have the opportunity to give and receive support.

Are you ready for your child to be happier and for things to be easier at home?

Does your child feel lonely- even if they have friends?
Do they struggle with anticipatory anxiety and feel increasingly stressed in school?
How many times does it seem they overreact to things that once didn’t seem like a big deal….

How many times as a parent you wished things were easier….
Studies show teens are feeling more stress and worry since COVID, and are more prone to depression.

From children and teens:
“I have been battling a war inside my head.”
“I just felt so alone.”
“I just couldn’t stop crying.”
“I struggle with panic attacks, which can look like staring off into space, being restless and fidgety or hyperventilating.”

Resilience Spoken Here.

Therapy teaches children to be increasingly self confident, to acknowledge their strengths, to increase acceptance, self reliance, and skills that serve them their whole life. Your family can benefit from Highly Effective Solution Focused therapy.

Highly Effective Clinical Hypnosis for Children to Alleviate Anxiety of All Kinds

Ilene provides an easy relaxed environment and clinical hypnosis to help child when they are fearful and worried, for instance facing doctor’s appointments, medical tests and dental procedures.
HERE is an example of clinical hypnosis helping children with pain management (with therapist Leora Kuttner):

To Parents with a child struggling with OCD

Does your child often ask for reassurance and seem increasingly fearful and look for absolute certainty when doing simple tasks?

How to help after a child experiences a trauma or loss:

Drama Therapy, Clinical Hypnosis and CBT (Cognitive Therapy) for Children and Teens struggling with Anxiety and Depression is also available.


Healing our wounded child, that is longing for healing…

Call me. Most people find results right away.

Ilene Wolf, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists,  MFT

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You can create a happy childhood for your kids! I will show you practical tools- to instill, convey and experience more love each day.


I am here for you.


I see the best in you.

Ilene Wolf, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist for 30 years

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San Francisco Bay Area and Marin

now available for children and teens in Marin and San Francisco

“I would heartily recommend Ilene to any new parents out there …”

“My husband and I had a baby 7 months ago that, as you can understand, brought many changes into our life. We felt that speaking to someone about all these changes and trying to work through some of the issues that started appearing in our relationship was the positive and proactive approach to handling all that was going on! We both felt an instant connection and felt that Ilene perceived to the heart of some of our issues fairly quickly. While this is still new and fresh for us, we are seeing some positive changes and are looking for to additional discussions that will help us both grow in our personal relationship as well as the bond with our new baby girl. I would heartily recommend Ilene to any new parents out there that just need some additional hand holding while they wade through what can be some pretty rocky waters!”
– Cynthia T.


“Compassion and empathy…”

Ilene is not only a skilled and seasoned therapist, but also has a huge capacity for compassion and empathy. I have been impressed with Ilene’s capacity to grasp the essential questions and essence of her clients’ needs in her unique style of therapy.”
– MG, school counselor and psychotherapist


“spoke directly to our hearts …”

Ilene Wolf, LMFT spoke directly to our hearts at the monthly meeting of Soroptimist Girls International and the whole experience was a real treat! She spoke about the anxiety we all experience and feel around conflict, and how compassion, forgiveness and kindness can melt it away. “
– Marla Hamilton, Co-President Soroptimist International of Marin County