How to honor the day, even when aspects of our lives include anguish and grief for not wanting to let go enough?

“Death does not want to see if things are done or not done” ~ The Kulamara Tantra

Lessons on Impermanence- in this way remember we are like a rainbow.
This culture asks us to pretend everyday: to avoid that all things of this world, that are very dear to us, are actually- impermanent.

“There is no old age, there is, as there always was, just you.” ~ Carol Matthau

If we are lucky-enough to reach old age, will we remember our younger years fondly or with a sense of regret for not having appreciated the moment more?

Even when we struggle, or are in conflict with someone, can we greet them recognizing the shared grief that each of us must say goodbye to everything familiar, and everyone we love so much, one day?

The one day seems so far away…. but it is waiting for us.
We might realize we will lose our partner one day, or not- letting go when we are arguing best on how those darn dishes will get done?

Love entails letting go…
… of blame, of what we thought was supposed to be, of our agenda, of an insistence on being right, otherwise we will be subjugated by resentment and hurt that will make life unbearable if we don’t… let go.