The Procrastination Cure

Brief Solution-Focused Therapy to Turn your Life into a Success Story™

Highly Effective Therapy: Practical Tools utilizing Stanford Research,
Advanced Cognitive Therapy (CBT and TEAM) with Clinical Hypnosis!


Do you find yourself never getting around to finishing the things you say you want to do?

Did you know procrastination is a form of anxiety, often fueled by achievement addiction and perfectionism?


For patients who want quick, deep and lasting change and help to address anxiety, depression, dating, work and relationship problems, habits and addictions.

For Individuals, couples and families who want to do short term work for three to ten hours a day.
You may live out of town or be motivated to address the problem with the immediacy and the effectiveness that this format brings.

Most people see results right away.


Call me. Most people find results right away.

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