Winner of the California Marriage and Family Education Foundation Award (2012)

Drama therapy workshop

Training Group For Educators, Business Leaders, Therapists and Coaches

A workshop using drama therapy to grow your private practice

Find More Confidence In Everything You do!
Improve Every Aspect of Your Life with Drama Therapy.


Benefits of Drama Therapy – Enjoy a phenomenal Life

Improving Your Capacity to Change Limiting Beliefs about Yourself – so that Life Can Work for You!

Allow clients to:

  • Stop making yourself wrong and have more fun!
  • Learn to take a few necessary risks, and admit that things do really matter.
  • Learn the 5 Secrets to be more vulnerable, to invite greater opportunities and better relationships.
  • Convey more ease in relationships that are important to you.
  • Celebrate your strengths, grow more tolerance, kindness and empathy, to invite increased awareness and trust in yourself.
  • Lean into your therapist as the safe, grounding and perceptive mirror, who is there to support you to get your needs met.
  • Recognize, honor and let go of habituated outdated ways of being.
  • Cultivate more ease relying on the immediacy of a more authentic voice and presence.
  •  Metabolize grief and resolve “unfinished business” so that they may be more available to live in the awareness of the present
  • Access the language you were born with, the language of play! Enjoying more creativity and spontaneity; learn how to be more authentic, improving the overall quality of every aspect of your life.
  • Take on the role of protagonist to become a hero in your own life, rather than always projecting the role of hero onto others.
  • Build greater trust in yourself and go on to repair relationships, if you choose to.
  • Metabolize grief and resolve “unfinished business,” so you may be more present in the here and now.
  • Eventually release the repetitive captivating nature of a negative inducing story and release defensive patterns.
  • Choose something different; Overcome fear of rejection, failure and conflict.

I am here for you.


I see the best in you.

Ilene Wolf, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist for 30 years

Offices conveniently located in
San Francisco Bay Area and Marin

“Insightful, talented and quick…”

“Ilene Wolf is insightful, talented and quick. I attended a class she runs exclusively for therapists, called “Getting to The Heart of the Matter.” I’ve never seen anyone so quickly identify the source of a problem and instantly understand the path to healing.
This workshop allows you to bring to life your inner drama and rewrite your life’s “script,” with the support of the group. You’ll bring to life relationships, recruit allies and heal age-old problems while retrieving the most loving and healthy parts of yourself. This is absolutely one of the most rewarding and effective therapy classes I have ever attended – and it’s fun. I highly recommend it!”
– Alan Barsky, CHT, MH

“Down to earth and clear…”

“Ilene is probably the most natural genuine therapist I have ever met. She is down to earth and clear. She would not miss what cannot be missed -that obvious truth that can easily be missed by so many others. Her clarity reflects the truth within the person, who needs help right away.”
– MK, chiropractor and nutritionist

“A safe supportive environment where I felt comfortable…”

“… the leaders quickly facilitated a safe supportive collegial environment where I felt comfortable sharing my deepest concerns. “
– Joanne Davis, MFT