Forgiveness Workshop”The 5 Secrets of Forgiveness”


Forgiveness Practice –  A five session intensive treatment

Explore what else is possible

Learn Techniques you can use immediately

Forgive yourself, over and over again

Risk creating a loving story about yourself


“He who refuses to forgive breaks the bridge over which he too must cross.” — Confucius


Recognize the universality of suffering


  •  Moving Beyond judging yourself, to acknowledge how much you care
  •  Honoring  sadness in such a way to ultimately let go of what no longer serves you
  • Get out of the Habit of making yourself wrong, or making someone else wrong, after so many years of suffering
  •  Break free from defensive patterns that lock you into the lack of intimacy
  •  How not to be at the effect of other people’s anger, depression, perfectionism and disappointment?
  •  Tools to  overcome perfectionism and  addictive behaviors


“Forgiveness is not an accessional act, it is a permanent attitude” — Martin Luther King