conflictWhat is to give light must first endure burning.
~ Victor Frankl

Conflict resolution – Learn how to resolve conflicts in your relationships

All relationships problems stem from blame and anger unexpressed.

If I could show you the exact communication tools to successfully sustain connection and conversation and intimacy and overcome long standing hurt and anger would you be game?

Resentment is the #1 killer of long-term relationships. Growing up, most of us have been taught  to avoid conflict at all costs, so when we reach adulthood, we have no clue as to how to manage our anxiety about the many aspects and facets of relationships — or to dare to ask for what we want.

Using highly effective evidenced-based CBT tools for conflict resolution, I can show you how to resolve this conflict within yourself and within your relationships.

Love Gone Wrong

Instructive Comedy – for those who wonder why:

First Step: Empathy and Listening