Sex and Intimacy



Building Sexual Confidence, Intimacy; Cultivating Loving Conversations when Dating and in Long-term Relationships

Do you struggle with negative thoughts? This might stand in the way and prevent you from enjoying your partner and kids, or having  loving relationships.


I teach Flirting Practice– How to Overcome Anxiety that can get in the way of meeting people:
Learn how to be successful amidst the perils and pitfalls of dating

For men: How are you feeling…about your sexual relationship? Is your sexual communication gutsy and daring, or shut down or rushed,

and are you becoming increasingly less interested?

For Women: Do you know and trust your caring for yourself; do you appreciate and know yourself to be an attractive, desirable person?

Are you fully present with your partner?

For young people:

Is it Yes or No?

Finding your voice in consent-suality: Can you be an advocate for yourself when things become either way too exciting
or inherently awkward and challenging?

Do you trust your gut and own your perceptions about people, places and situations?

Having Hook ups that are not loving or nurturing to you?

In addition to standard office visits, I also offer intensive three-hour to full-day sessions that are for short-term work. These Intensives are ideal for people who want to dedicate a short amount of time or who are flying in from out-of-town to do this work.

I am a skillful, licensed marriage and family therapist (MFT) and have been practicing for over 30 years. I am married and have two children.