Therapy for Children and Teens


Allow yourself to get in touch with your love for your children


For over 30 years Ilene Wolf has been dedicated to helping Bay Area Children be happy and thrive.
Ilene is married with two children.

Getting Beyond Stoicism when it comes to raising boys
Heart Advice for parents when our kids struggle


When Our Kids Fail to launch

Being a deep and reliable resource for your child while at the same time nudging them out of the nest – sounds paradoxical? High school graduates unable to launch because of inherent problems with COVID-19 or loss of job of parents.

Addressing confusion and fear and anxiety

Identify obstacles to more satisfying life and increased independence of teens

Practical tools for promoting independence

Addressing Conflict to alleviate suffering

Authentic Mindfulness while Gracefully Broaching inherently-Awkward Topics


Teachings, Wisdom and Loving Conversations with your relationship with kids:

Our Children do need to know where we are coming from with ease and empathy, compassion, sympathy for what it takes to navigate complex social expectations and norms.

Enlisting a professional, if you do not address this directly what will you or your teens life be like in 6 months

Talking to teens about sex- as to when our children reach developmental milestones, or not.


Kids want to know: Can I count on you?

Bonding with Your Child, and Creating Secure Attachment

A Parent’s Job as your child gets older:
Soothe and Celebrate your child just because… not because of what they do, achieve or look like.
Cultivate resilience: know that your child is inherently good even when they make mistakes :
You matter!

If and When they need to talk, and need to learn how to manage difficult situations.
First Step:

“You can handle this. Let’s figure out some ideas how to….”
“You will survive- even though you don’t know this right now. No matter what I will be there for you.”

How to help after a child experiences a trauma or loss:

Drama Therapy, Clinical Hypnosis and CBT (Cognitive Therapy) for Children and Teens struggling with Anxiety and Depression is also available.

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You can create a happy childhood for your kids! I will show you practical tools- to instill, convey and experience more love each day.