Are you struggling with feelings of loneliness and despair?

I know you might begin to question everything and you don’t know or trust if you will ever feel better.

Depression shows us exactly how to lose confidence and faith in ourselves.
You might begin to wonder or not trust that you can and will somehow ever feel better.

Highly Powerful CBT Tools: I can show you how to start begin feeling better by the second session.

Specializing in Cognitive Therapy: Practical Tools for now and the future:
Quickly and Successfully Overcoming Negative, Distressing Thoughts, Worry and Depression and Judgements and Exclusion!

Grief – For times When Sadness seems a constant companion

As a child did you feel you had to take care of the emotional well being of your parents?
Did you feel no one would care for you when you were upset?
Cultivating a more loving resilient self…
You will find new ways to let go of experiences that have hurt you that you would like to leave behind.

Do you often find yourself struggling with difficult feelings of disappointment and recurring negative thoughts?  If this is causing you to doubt yourself, or even withdraw in social situations; I can show you how to stand up to these negative thoughts and how to feel better.

“While we have learned much about acquiring things, we have precious little accurate information on what to do when we lose them.  Loss is inevitable.  Sometimes loss is even predictable.  In spite of these truths, we receive no formal training on how to respond to events that are guaranteed to happen and sure to cause pain and disruption.” – John W. James and Russell Friedman, The Grief Recovery Handbook

Effective CBT Therapy combined with clinical hypnosis simply shows you how to be happy and live a meaningful life again.

Grief is a natural response triggered by:

  • the loss or death of a loved one
  • dread or unprecedented anguish
  • fear of loneliness or loss
  • separation of any kind including a breakup or divorce
  • empty nest -when your kids leaving home
  • mortification, shame or feelings of betrayal
  • overwhelming fears and despair

Brief, goal-oriented therapy to transform your life into a success story

I am here for you.  Licensed for 25 years, I am a skillful therapist and someone who recognizes your inherent strengths and has unconditional, positive regard for you.  I see the best in you.  I can show you how not to be as anxious or fearful and how to love life again, and even cultivate an unconditional positive regard for yourself and others.  I have successfully helped hundreds of couples, families and individuals for over 30 years in my private practice in Marin and San Francisco.  Many people go on to create happy and successful lives and families, where they learn to contribute “in ways they didn’t ever dream were possible.”

I have successfully helped hundreds of people overcome and resolve marriage problems, difficult relationship issues and parenting conflicts.  Start living a life where you learn the tools based on research proven methods to make your relationships more loving and satisfying, where you are free of a pattern of negative thoughts, resentments and anxiety.

Take Steps Toward Effective, Lasting Solutions to Your Problems

Small steps lead to significant change.  To ask for help is an act of loving compassion towards oneself. Take this positive step today towards a better life!

Build more optimism in your life

Resolve marriage problems and personal relationship issues; decide whether or not to have children; find support during career transitions and challenges that may seem overwhelming; overcome anxiety, fear of rejection, fear of failure and fear of conflict, anger, grief and shame.

You can call me.
With the Benefits of Therapy, you will feel more motivated.
Most people find results right away.

Ilene Wolf, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists,  MFT

415 420 3619

You will find yourself increasingly more confident in all the challenges that life may bring you.
I am here for you.


I am here for you.


I see the best in you.

Ilene Wolf, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist for 30 years

Offices conveniently located in
San Francisco Bay Area and Marin

now available in Marin
and San Francisco

“Compassion and empathy…”

“Ilene is not only a skilled and seasoned therapist, but also has a huge capacity for compassion and empathy. I have been impressed with Ilene’s capacity to grasp the essential questions and essence of her clients’ needs in her unique style of therapy.”
– MG, school counselor and psychotherapist

“Made a critical difference in my life…”

“I have tried several therapists. Ilene’s sessions made a critical difference in my life. Ilene cares deeply and helped me build trust back into my relationships.
Ilene has helped my family beyond the regular measures. I recommend Ilene Wolf, MFT, RDT/BCT, I know she can help where most others fail.”
– R.A.

“Spoke directly to our hearts …”

Ilene Wolf, LMFT spoke directly to our hearts at the monthly meeting of Soroptimist International and the whole experience was a real treat! She spoke about the anxiety we all experience and feel around conflict, and how compassion, forgiveness and kindness can melt it away.
– Marla Hamilton, Co-President Soroptimist International of Marin County